15 saker du bara kan säga i hästvärlden

Publicerad 2015-01-26 12:02:00 i Angelica Karlssons inlägg,

Annars kan de misstolkas.. Lägger in de på engelska eftersom det är mycket roligare.

1. You can’t beat 16 hands between your legs

2. I love the black hairies

3. I was very well mounted last Saturday

4. You have to get your leg on

5. I had to grip with my knees in case I fell off

6. I’ve got a big coloured chap

7. It’s better with a whip and spurs

8. I put him out for an hour and he blew up

9. He had a bad attitude, so we castrated him

10. I like going under that judge!

11. If he’s naughty, grab his upper lip tightly

12. I was listening to his gut last night

13. He’s had 64 babies!

14. He’s a real thruster

15. The mother is black, the father’s white and the baby’s black with white spots



Postat av: Divorce your horse

Publicerad 2015-01-26 13:08:30

Hahaha... Ja vissa saker kan definitivt misstolkas :D

Svar: Haha ja! :D
Angelica Karlsson & Jalonen

Postat av: Julia Forsbacka

Publicerad 2015-01-26 21:16:28

Haha! Underbart!

Svar: Haha ja! Klockrena!
Angelica Karlsson & Jalonen

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